• Sailing Into The Wind: How To Make An Impossible Idea Work

    You have an idea. It seems crazy — heck, it is crazy. But the craziest ideas are the ones that tend to not just work but have a huge impact and really bring home the bacon. So you’re told to throw caution to the wind, live on the edge, take the plunge, and all of that.

    But how practical are these age-old adages really? Is it all just rhetoric spouted by prosperous Greek philosophers and the lucky few Silicon Valley CEOs who actually made it, or is there truth hidden within them?

  • Why It’s Time to Start Thinking of Yourself As A Brand

    About a decade ago, around the same time when social media was really taking off, we heard a lot about the idea of building your own personal brand.

    But since then, such talk has quietened down. Although social media has been incredibly impactful and disruptive, it hasn’t had the type of impact and level of decentralization on the way we work as some people expected.

    That is until now.